Candidates frequently receive free crypto through airdrops. Continue reading as we discuss additional ways to earn free tokens directly from your Trust Wallet.

With major businesses and governments starting to use digital currency in their operations, the adoption of cryptocurrencies is rapidly growing. As a result, the value of these digital assets has increased.

The fact that there are numerous ways to receive free cryptocurrency is, therefore, encouraging for investors and aficionados. Some approaches will require little to no effort from you, while others require a modest time or financial expenditure.

One of the industry leaders in the crypto wallet sector is Trust Wallet. Along with having a stellar reputation, it offers numerous methods to acquire free cryptocurrency. Learn more by reading on.


Trust Wallet is a non-custodial multi-crypto wallet app that gives users full control over their digital assets, including cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This ensures the safety of their sensitive financial assets, as well as their ease of access. Binance, the company behind this wallet, is the leading crypto exchange by market capitalization.

Trust Wallet supports over 4.5 million cryptocurrencies, including NFTs. It is also compatible with over 65 different blockchains. Additionally, it offers users access to several decentralized applications (DApps).

The Trust Wallet app is available for free download on Android and iOS and can be found in PlayStore or AppStore, respectively. The wallet is intuitive by design and easy to use. As such, this makes it suitable even for absolute beginners in crypto. It comes as no surprise that the wallet has amassed over 10 million active users.


NFT Support

The Trust Wallet’s NFT compatibility offers a viable choice for digital artwork collectors who do not wish to keep their collectibles in a browser-based or cold wallet. With Trust Wallet, the user will always have access to all their non-fungible tokens in one convenient location.

DApp Browser

Trust Wallet was the first mobile wallet to provide direct access to decentralized applications from within the app. The DApp browser is the optimum choice for a completely optimized mobile Web3 experience. This is because it offers seamless connectivity between the user and blockchains like Ethereum and BNB Chain.

Trust Wallet Token Tokenomics

A governance token is TWT. This implies that token owners can affect the governance of the Trust Wallet. Voting on Trust Wallet updates and in-app features is available to TWT token owners. Additionally, holders of this currency get discounts on in-app purchases and DEX services. There are 1 billion TWT in total, of which 288 million are in use right now.

Staking and Token Swaps

The capability to stake, swap tokens, and purchase bitcoin directly from the mobile wallet adds another compelling feature to Trust Wallet. It facilitates entry into the world of cryptocurrencies for new users and equips them with mobile portfolio management tools.


Crypto Staking

By staking, cryptocurrency owners can earn passive income by locking up their tokens to support the consensus mechanism of a crypto network. They receive some compensation from the network in exchange for this. Staking is comparable to putting cryptocurrency into a savings account that pays interest. The interest is the only exception; all other payments are made in fiat money.

Proof-of-Stake is the primary consensus algorithm used by many of the most well-known cryptocurrency networks. To qualify to validate blocks of transactions, network validators stake tokens in this manner.

Successful validators are compensated with a piece of the block reward for their contribution to network integrity. They suffer what is referred to as “slashing” if they make an attempt to validate a fraudulent transaction.

Staking is a smart way to generate income for your crypto assets rather than having them lay idle in your wallet. Furthermore, you can improve the effectiveness and security of the blockchain projects you support through staking.

With Trust Wallet, you can choose between on-chain and off-chain staking. On-chain staking involves staking your tokens directly on the blockchain network. You can do so by using the Trust Wallet browser to access a decentralized exchange. For instance, users can stake CAKE on Trust Wallet using the PancakeSwap exchange.

Off-chain staking is available on centralized systems, where it pools the cryptocurrency you want to stake with those of other users. A validator who will stake the coins on-chain will use the entire amount of crypto that has been pooled. This method of staking is more user-friendly for beginners because transactions are faster and don’t require much technical knowledge to execute.

Crypto Faucets

Crypto faucets are programs that allow you to earn crypto as a reward for completing simple tasks. For instance, you may be required to play games, watch ads, or even solve puzzles. Most of these tasks are straightforward and don’t need any technical expertise.

Usually, in order to participate, you’ll be required to register using your personal details. Naturally, you’ll also require a wallet address, which you can use as your Trust Wallet. You can then proceed to carry out the required tasks to earn your free tokens.

 Crypto Mining

Recall we established that most popular blockchains use the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. Well, other chains, such as Bitcoin, utilize the Proof-of-Work model. Here, validators are required to solve complex equations on the blockchain network to qualify to validate transaction blocks on the network.

This process, known as mining, involves utilizing complex algorithms and advanced hardware systems. As such, it may be

difficult for a single user to carry out. However, the rewards from mining tend to be significantly higher.

Alternatively, a much better idea would be to join a mining pool. Here, pool members accumulate their computing power (hash rate), which increases their chances of being the first to solve the network equation. In return, they share the mining rewards.

Play to Earn Games

Blockchain technology’s evolution has brought an interesting development for gaming and crypto enthusiasts – play-to-earn games. Some of these games will offer users free crypto as an incentive for playing them. Others allow gamers to earn in-game tokens, which can then be traded for any cryptocurrencies of their choosing.

Typically, these tokens are in the form of NFTs. These could be in-game characters or other collectibles. Some of these NFTs can be upgraded, which significantly increases their value. On Trust Wallet, you can hold these NFTs or trade them for other digital assets.  Some of the most popular P2E games include Lucky Block, RobotWars, and Sandbox.

Defi Lending

Users can use a number of decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols thanks to Trust Wallet’s compatibility with decentralized apps (dApps). Crypto lending is one of the most well-liked uses of such systems. Anyone with internet access is now able to earn income on their digital possessions.

Defi lending is adding cryptocurrency to lending pools that are controlled by smart contracts. These pools typically offer interest rates that are higher than those offered by banks or other conventional financial institutions.

If you want to lend out your ERC-20 tokens, you can do so by logging into your Trust Wallet account and using the Compound protocol. The Ethereum blockchain is home to these digital assets. As an alternative, you can use Venus to lend Binance Smart Chain BEP20 coins (BSC).

Participating in Airdrops

A campaign that distributes cryptocurrency is known as an airdrop. It is typically operated by the team behind a cryptocurrency project as a means of spreading word about their new token. They guarantee that it garners tremendous interest and acceptance straight out of the gate by giving away part of the tokens for free.

Although these tokens are free, you might need to fulfill additional requirements to be eligible for an airdrop. This frequently entails promoting the project on your networks and being outspoken about it on social media. Sometimes the wallets receiving the tokens already contain some of the same coins.

An airdrop is a campaign that holds crypto giveaways. Usually, it is run by the team behind a crypto project as a way to raise awareness around their new token. By gifting out some of the tokens for free, they ensure that it gathers significant interest and adoption right out of the gate.

Though these tokens are free, you may be required to meet different criteria to qualify for an airdrop. Oftentimes, this involves being vocal about the project on social media and promoting it on your channels. Other times, the tokens are dished out to wallets that are already holding some of the same coins.

Several websites contain updates on ongoing and upcoming airdrops. However, before participating in any such campaigns, it is essential to do your research. This is because most airdrops end up being worthless or pump-and-dump schemes.

Crypto assets have undeniable value, which is projected to rise as their adoption increases. As such, it would be fortunate to obtain such valuable assets for free. Fortunately, there are several ways of going about it.

Armed with the Trust Wallet, you can participate in airdrops, crypto faucets, and play P2E games for some free crypto. Alternatively, you could stake the coins you already hold, or participate in DeFi lending for passive returns. You could also join mining pools to earn coins running on the proof-of-work mechanism.