How to earn money by walking! more walking more money

Nowadays, walking is one of the surprising ways to earn a few dollars online. Stick around as we walk you through the best-paid walking apps so far.

There are a tonne of methods you may use to make additional money if you’re conversant with online trends. Humans can benefit from walking in a variety of ways. You may become fit while earning a little money by walking the hallways of your apartment building or the streets in your area. Walking, according to health experts, lowers blood pressure and aids with weight loss.

This guide will discuss everything you need to know about the top fitness tracker apps that pay you to walk. So, stick around to learn how to monetize your daily walking habit.


If your first thought whenever you have free time is to go on a stroll with your pals, you might want to think about earning money from it. You can always get free points and be paid to walk on your own schedule with the greatest smartphone apps. All you have to do is give up part of your free time to go for a stroll, and you’re done.

Most times, fitness-oriented companies or special health apps that function as fitness tracker apps pay their members in return for walking. Other health apps also act as fitness trackers, but you might not get paid to walk on many of them. In short, you can only get paid to walk using a few apps. And the good news is that we’ve done the hard job for you.

On our list, we’ve garnered the best apps that will surely pay you to walk. Time to explore!

Charity Miles

On the Charity Miles app, you’ll be earning money depending on the kind of charities you engage in. Charity Miles uses the pedometer on your smartphone and it is not one of those special apps that pay you to walk alone.

Instead, it is a general-charity rewarding app you can use to make more money by trying out a lot of outdoor activities such as walking, biking, and running. However, this app remains one of the top picks apps that rewards passionate walkers.

Charity Miles members have recorded an income of more than 2.5 million dollars for their charity activities. You can also become one of their happy earners by signing up on their app. You can access this app on both iOS and android.

So, all it takes you is to download the Charity Miles app and choose one of the 42 available charities you want to get paid for. Thereafter, you can start your walking side hustle. Charity Miles pays their members with charity donations from 8 sponsors. They use these charity donations to pay you per the distance you walk.


Runtopia is another great app that allows you to make extra money while improving your fitness and walking habit. You can set different exercise goals such as walking, cycling, or running on Runtopia.

More importantly, this app has a fitness regimen to help you warm up and reduce weight. You’ll be able to gain access to more points and receive payment in the form of sports coins by performing daily tasks on Runtopia.

You can redeem your sports coins for coupons, products like sports gear, free memberships, and even PayPal cash. An important thing to note is that Runtopia’s sports coins expire on March 1st every year. Therefore, it is best to redeem these coins before their expiry date.

Achievement App

The achievement app pays you to walk as well as run errands to the grocery stores, local coffee shop or other healthy activities. Once you sign up on this app, you get paid to walk in your own hours. The only thing you need to do is link other apps such as Samsung Health, MyFitnessPal, etc, that work as fitness trackers to achievement. The more you use these apps linked to achievement, the more you earn points.

The accomplishment app, on the other hand, awards users more quickly based on how many points they accumulate. 
You can exchange up to 10,000 points you earn using the app for $10 in prize money. 
Keep in mind that the app is now referred to as the evidation app.
PK Rewards App
One of the well-known apps that reward you for walking or engaging in any other sort of fitness is PK Rewards, formerly known as PK Coin. In other words, you can use this app to get paid as you ride, hike, or run. Additionally, you may quickly access the PK Rewards app on your Android or Apple Watch device. To start making money with this app, nothing is required. On your Apple Watch, you must install the app, then select “Start Earning.”
Afterward, begin your walk or workout activity and once you’re done with it, click on the “Earn” button again. At this point, your “Effort Score” will be calculated. Note that the PK Rewards app rewards you in coins. You can redeem these coins for products from brands like Amazon and Nike.

App for Sweatcoin
One of the best applications where you can get paid to walk is called Sweatcoin. With Sweatcoin, you may quickly accumulate a large sum of money by walking. This app links brands in need of their services with health-conscious consumers.

Additionally, this software allows you to earn points in the form of sweatcoins. You can exchange 20,000 sweatcoins or points for $1000 in PayPal cash deposited directly into your PayPal account.